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Are you looking to become a Virtual Assistant?

Are you confused about what to do first or how to get started?

Would you like to have a roadmap to get you from Point A to Point B thats saves you time, money and frustration?

When you step into the VA world you quickly realize there is SO much information out there, you don’t know which piece to start with, so you get overwhelmed quickly! You find yourself in Analysis Paralysis! It can be overwhelming and frightening trying to get your business off the ground all by yourself.

Do you struggle with getting clients or finding ones that can afford you?

Would you like to have a system that teaches you how to market yourself, your business and gets you clients?

Being able to market yourself and your business is key to your success. If you are like me, I was clueless about starting a VA business when I decided to leave my corporate job. I just knew that I needed to leave the corporate grind! I knew absolutely nothing about:

  • marketing
  • building a business
  • social media
  • branding
  • how to get clients
  • what services to offer
  • or how much to charge

Building a successful Virtual Assistant business takes more than just deciding on your business name and putting up a website. I’ve been where you are and struggled to go from corporate career to business owner. I know what it takes to build a successful VA business and I’m sharing with you the roadmap, systems & processes I used to grow a 6-figure VA business in 3 years.

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Are you ready to build a team or create packages and programs in your VA business?

I can show you how to increase your income through building a team or creating packages and programs to move away from trading dollars for hours.

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Do you want to learn the technical skills clients are looking for?

Learn these skills in a simple, step-by-step method that gives you:

  • a sandbox to practice in (you don’t have to own the program)
  • recordings so you can learn on your own schedule
  • reference materials, templates and checklists
  • email support

Knowing WordPress, 1ShoppingCart or Email Marketing Tools is a sure way to increase your rates and make you more marketable. We teach these courses and more in a simple hands-on, non-techie approach. These are the skills client need to run their online business – I know, I’m technical VA.

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Susan - HawaiiI’m Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor. I’ve been a VA for over 5 years and I’ve been there – done that. I built my VA business while having a full time corporate career and an infant at home. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed, not knowing what to do first or how to land that first or second client.

After struggling to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B, I created my own roadmap and used it to build a very successful VA business. Trust me, trying to build a business through trial and error is not the way to go!  Let me help guide you to build the business of your dreams.

Train to be a Virtual Assistant all under one roof with The Techie Mentor’s coaching programs, products and technology training courses.


Donna Rondeau
I spent months researching and analyzing the virtual assistant industry, practically driving myself crazy with massive amounts of information that I didn’t know what to do with. When I found Susan Mershon’s Virtual Assistant Starter Kit” (VASK), I signed up, and experienced instant relief, knowing I would stop researching, and just work the program. Susan’s systematic and logical approach takes students through the brainstorming process of business naming, service offerings, determining a niche, marketing, social networking, and more (and I’m only halfway through the program!). Susan has helped me move forward with my business plans, at a steady pace, and as each module comes together, the bigger picture is making more and more sense. Having a peer network (classmates in a private Facebook group) has also been a huge bonus, that is unique to Susan’s program.